Students and Early Career Scientists

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Welcome to the Student and Early Career Scientists page! Please check here for updated information on activities that involve student and/or young scientists who have received their Ph.D. in the past five years.

Your Student Organizing Committee (StOC) is working hard to maximize your workshop experience, and we have many activities just for the newer members of our field.  Students can keep in touch with us by joining our Facebook group for SDO Workshop 2013 Students:

All financial aid applicants should have received an email with their awarded support at this time. Please note, the deadline for accepting your financial aid is Friday, January 18th. Please follow the instructions in the email to claim your funding. If anyone who applied for financial aid has not yet received an email notification, please inform one of the StOC members ASAP!

>> Special Events <<

Tuesday, March 5 is Early Career Scientist Night. This includes a panel discussion consisting of professionals representing different career paths, followed by networking event planned by the Student Organizing Committee.  Attendance of the panel discussion is limited only to early career scientists (students and post-docs) but all are welcome to attend the networking event.

Events begin with the panel at 7:30 in the plenary session room. When the panel adjourns, the networking event will begin in the Windjammer Lounge. We will also be giving away door prizes and playing an ice-breaker game with prizes to the first three people to complete the game! At the 2011 meeting, we had a lot of fun playing BINGO. This years game will be even more fun. We hope you join us and introduce yourself to other students and scientists alike!

Student Activity on Sunday: We will be visiting the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge on the afternoon of Sunday, March 3rd. Departure time is tentatively set for 3:00 PM. The refuge is approximately 20 minutes away from the hotel. We will carpool to the refuge and spend a few hours hiking, birdwatching, and taking lots of pictures! There is also a souvenir shop for anyone looking to take some Maryland Chesapeake Bay gifts home. Everyone is invited to join, but there is no requirement for this activity. If you plan on attending, please let one of the StOC know.

Because we will be carpooling and there is a small fee per car to enter the refuge, please plan to give your driver $1 (US currency please!) towards gas and entry. If you would like to drive yourself or have room in your car for others, let us know! Additional drivers would be appreciated!

Student Poster Competition: See details below.

>> Notice about financial aid recipients and lodging <<

1) Anyone receiving student financial aid should expect to participate in the student activities at the conference.  If you are awarded money as a student/young scientist by the conference, there is no reason why you can't partake in the activities planned for the benefit of students/young scientists (e.g., poster competition, intro student slides, student networking night, etc.). Plus, these activities are fun! If you do not wish to be included as a student/young scientist, please do not request financial aid.

2) Important accommodation information: If you are planning on staying at the Hyatt Regency beyond Thursday March 7, then it is suggested that you make your reservations soon.  The hotel is reaching a high occupancy rate for the weekend, and the meeting room block only guarantees availability through March 7 (i.e. departure on Friday, March 8).

>> Career Opportunities <<

Career opportunity: If you are a grad student, post-doc, or young scientist looking for job opportunities, we recommend bringing copies of your resume to the conference, where they will be made available to other researchers who may be looking to hire.  The StOC will make efforts to gather information on existing opportunities and make this information available at the conference.

>> Student Presentations <<

Intro Slide: We would like all the participants get a chance to know you! Please make an intro slide about yourself (a template will be provided soon via email, but is now available to download on our Facebook page) and send it to Nishu Karna (one of your lovely StOC members).

Student Poster Competition: The poster competition at the 2011 SDO workshop was so successful, we're doing it again! Anyone receiving financial aid, and any other students or early-career scientists that wish to participate, will compete in the 2013 LWS/SDO Poster Competition. The prize at the 2011 workshop was a Lego model of SDO.  Be prepared to be surprised with this year's prize! The winner will be announced at the banquet.

All attendees will be given a ballot with a list of criteria for winning.  We want you to have the criteria up front and early so that you can try to create your poster accordingly!  The criteria are as follows:

1. Science content

-clear conveyance of science?
-too much technical detail/jargon?
-clear 'take home' message conveyed? (i.e. will the reader come away knowing what point you were trying to put forward in your poster?)

2. Aesthetics

- eye catching?
- good use of images/colour?
- nicely set out in clear sections?

3. Readability/Completeness

-too much text/ too little text?
-readable from 1m away?
-clear flow of sections?
-clear conclusion?
-references given?

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