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Solar Physics Topical Issue

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Topical Issue of Solar Physics on "The Many Scales of Solar Activity in Solar Cycle 24 as seen by SDO"

This Topical Issue addresses the connections of solar activity across many length scales, time scales, and wavelength regimes as seen by SDO. While the Topical Issue is inspired by the research shown at the SDO Science Workshop in March 2013, it is open to all contributions on the topic. It is not a conference proceedings; only contributions of complete, substantial, and original research exploiting SDO will be considered. Each contribution should emphasize how the differences seen in Solar Cycle 24 manifest themselves in observations and what are the explanations for those differences.

In order to assist in the planning, please use this contact form to submit a statement of intent describing your article by 31 July 2013, with the following information:

  • i) title and provisional abstract,
  • ii) name and e-mail of corresponding author,
  • iii) author list, and
  • iv) three suggestions for referees.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts is 30 September 2013. Manuscripts will begin the referee process upon receipt and will appear online when accepted.

Topical Issue Editor: J. Leibacher; Guest Editors:  Aaron Birch, Mark Cheung, Andrew Jones, and W. Dean Pesnell.

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